Cheltenham, Malvern Road

The club is presently half-way through a long project to build an exact model of the ex-G.W.R. station at Malvern Road, Cheltenham, as it was in 1960. The area depicted in the model is from St George Road bridge at the north end, to Queens Road bridge at the southerly end. This area includes Malvern Road Junction wherethe lines to the terminus at Cheltenham St. James station and those to Stratford-upon-Avon and Birmingham separate. The station area also includes the four goods loops, the diesel refueling line, the raised coal stage, and the four road engine shed.

The layout is being built to 'N' gauge standards and in total is 24'x3' exluding a small 6'x1' fiddle yard which will hold stock departing to St. James All the track laying has now been completed using code 80 Peco flexible track and scratch built points which include a double slip and two single slips. All points are operated by Peco point motors with switches attatched to change the frog polarity.

We are presently in the process of wiring the point motors and track sections within each of the six boards before connecting to the four control panels, which have yet to be constructed. The points are being wired through a capacitor discharge system and a diode matrix so that a route can be set by pressing just one button.

Although in 1960 Malvern Road was a Western Region station, seeing all G.W.R. locomotives except for the 'Kings' and the 47xx, it also saw ex-L.M.S. engines especially on frieght trains, standard locos, and once a day a Southern 2-6-0 on a passenger train from South Hampton. When completed the layout will hold around 25 trains either passing through between Birmingham and Bristol or South Wales, or running local services between Gloucester and St. James.

Although we have not yet started on the scenery, except for a mockup of the loco shed, we do have from various publications nearly 100 photographs of the station area taken between 1906, when the station opened, until 1976, when the line was finally closed due to the derailment of a coal train. Only a small team is working on the layout and if you would like to assist or have any information on the prototype then please contact the Layout Manager, Dave Rook, on 01902 843760 or leave a message via our contact pages.

D Rook

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